What is your approach towards making a wedding film?

Our team holds the passion to capture as well as understand the importance and extraordinary power of these fleeting moments. Our style is to look for those timeless moments and capture them in the most honest manner. Our videos are not based on trends but content and visuals. We strongly believe in cinema and we want to present a wedding in a refreshing and unique style while still keeping the essence of emotions in place for you to cherish forever

Where are you based?

We are based in Mumbai and we love that couples make us travel all across to capture their beautiful stories.

Which are the locations you would be willing to travel?

We do travel all across the world. We love to pack our cameras and take them on an adventure to cover your story. We have shot in various locations across India as well as abroad including the United States, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and more.

Ours is not a grand affair, is it still possible to get you on board ?

We do not label ourselves as a luxury wedding film company, we are a bunch of passionate filmmakers and photographers who yearn for great stories. Let us know your story and we will create a custom package for you.

Can you hold a date for me?

We really wish we could but we can only accept bookings on a first come first serve basis. Your booking will be confirmed once the advance is received and the agreement is signed.

Are you ok if we hire an additional team?

Apart from being uneconomical, it may obstruct and tamper with our work. During a wedding shoot it is crucial to have the entire team have harmony and co-ordination for the benefit of our coverage. We usually cover both together to ensure perfect synchronicity of images and film coverage. Working exclusively helps us in keeping compositions clean and work closely within our team to ensure we get unobstructed visual frames without any interference of other photographers and cinematographers.

What are your deliverables?

Every package and every wedding is different. We would like to understand your requirements and accordingly recommended deliverables. Our usual deliverables include around 250-350 edited images per event. A 4-5 Minute Cinematic trailer and a 20-25 Minute Highlight film. Along with that we can give you separate full videos for performances/interviews etc

How much time do you take to deliver?

Editing is a creative process and we take it very very seriously. Our extensive post production process involves multiple rounds of iterations. Based on that and our work schedule, our usual delivery time for pictures is 7-8 weeks and for films it is 11-12 weeks. We request you to be patient with us to deliver you the best.

How big is your team ?

The size of the team is decided based on individual requirements. A team of six is good enough to capture a wedding in its entirety but we can also provide a team of twenty if needed.

My wedding is next year, is it too early to enquire?

Since we take up very limited weddings each year we start taking bookings 12 months in advance and are usually booked 7-8 months in advance. The earlier you get in touch with us, the better the chances are that we will be available on your wedding dates.

Who takes the creative decisions for post production?

Any creative decision is collectively made by the Director, the client and the Editing team. Before the wedding we go through a creative understanding along with the client which helps us understand you, your story and your expectations better. This ensures that the post production process is smooth and helps us deliver the best.

Are there any other hidden costs other than the ones mentioned to us prior to sign-off?

Our agreement includes all your photography, filming and editing cost for all your deliverables mentioned in advance. Apart from the agreement value, your travel, visa, accommodation as well F&B for the crew members are borne by the client. There are no other hidden costs. However, any additional days/ events/ hours of shooting that are not mentioned in contract shall be charged extra.

What are your payment terms ?

We take 20% of the total booking amount to confirm your booking, and about 60% on your first day of coverage and the remaining balance is due right after the wedding.

We want to publish your work. How do we contact you?

For any publishing related query, please write to us on hello@cameracrew.in

Are you hiring?

If you think you can contribute to our team so we can grow together, please write to us on careers@cameracrew.in and we will get in touch with you

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