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Camera Crew is a brainchild of Rajesh Dembla, ambitious and vivacious navy personnel who pursued his passion for Photography. Soon he passed down his passion and skills, to his daughter, making her his favorite model and igniting her love for photography and storytelling. This familial connection adds a unique touch to their work, perfectly catering to the intimate and emotional needs of the couples they photograph.

Today, under the artistic direction of Soniya Dembla, Camera Crew is a dynamic in-house team of over 20 passionate photographers, cinematographers, editors and designers. We pride ourselves on professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to create genuine content.

Our Approach

We approach wedding photography & filmmaking with the intent of making something timeless in a way that the real heartfelt emotions, magic and love is preserved. Our team holds the passion to capture as well as understand the importance and extraordinary power of these fleeting moments. Our style is to look for those timeless moments and capture them in the most honest manner.

On your wedding day, we become part of your family, one of your friends and this helps us to capture all the emotions of the day - the serious, the silly and the poetic. In order to bring you the best wedding experience to life, we then carefully craft and document your memories, pack them with love and filter it through layers and layers of careful examination.

We focus on storytelling to give you organic photos & videos that can be passed down for generations as a reminder of love that brings two people together.

Our films and photographs should take you back to the memory and that’s the ultimate goal for me. I want to get to know you as a couple, to understand the traditions you value, to tell your wedding story the way you want to see it. Because memories are all we have and if our films can take you back to that, to how it happened and how you felt then isn’t that what we call ‘Cherishing Forever’

- Soniya Dembla Balwani


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