Pooja & Hardik

When two worlds collide, it is an explosion of love, laughter and magic. This couple has been painting the town red from Manhattan to Mumbai. With Nicole and Rohan’s gorgeous wedding, we touch base back with the beautiful city of Mumbai and it's offbeat weddings. Held at the Four Seasons at Mumbai, this wedding has led us to believe that love truly has no boundaries.


“Rohan and I met by chance out at night in Hamptons. Fun fact - Rohan and I were married three years to the date that we met. Met: August 26, 2013 Married: August 26, 2016. It was only several months before the wedding that I realized it was the exact date.”

“The Camera Crew team did an incredible job when it came to capturing the emotions of the events with candid shots. My make-up artist, made me feel more beautiful than I ever could have imagined, and was a complete dream to work with - I would recommend her to every bride."

From dreamy floral decor jazzing up the luxurious venue, to a touch of Bollywood quirk along with high-spirited bridesmaids and family, this wedding was a gala of fun, love and laughter.

Everything is possible on the beach.Sky's the limit.

There is nothing like dancing barefoot under the stars,sand between your toes,and the rhythmic sound of the waves in the background.

What a Dreamy View.

That's how Pooja & Hardik decided to celebrate their love.

    Brides outfit :

  • Mehendi: label Anushree
  • Sangeet: Disha Patil
  • Wedding: Anushree Reddy
  • Reception: Sonam Vaswani
  • Haldi : Label Apurva

    Grooms Outfit :

  • Mehendi: Telon
  • Sangeet: Kings Bandra
  • Wedding: Telon
  • Reception: Telon