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“Founded in 2008, Camera Crew has grown from a hobby to a team of professional photographers & Cinematographers traversing across the globe covering over 500+ weddings. We at camera crew put our hearts to freeze the special moments of your life through photography and filming skills.

Our dynamic father-daughter duo has bought in different specialties into Camera Crew and our team holds the passion to capture and immortalize those real heartfelt emotions, magic and love in every relation. We consider ourselves really fortunate to be a part of such beautiful love stories.”

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Initially I was slightly skeptical while getting them onboard but my husband was pretty convinced with their work. And believe me I'm sooo glad we went ahead with Camera Crew. Like I cannot think of one incident that went wrong, or at any point questioned my decision. From my pre wedding shoot to my final movie, I loved each and every thing. Not just me, my entire family to my friends to my relatives, everyone was super impressed with their work and the entire team. They were on their toes all the time, ensure we get the best images and videos. The Live Photos app during the wedding was the BEST thing we could ask for. They have definitely made my wedding so memorable and I can't thank them enough for everything they've done. Thank you again team CC for such wonderful work. Keep shining Sheena Makaria
Camera crew has done a fantastic job in making our wedding more memorable for me and my wife. Every bits and every small detail were captured so beautifully. Every time we watch our wedding video its like reliving our wedding day all over again. Special thanks to Mr Rajesh for being personally involved in the wedding and Soniya for arranging the best team to capture our special day. Look forward to work with them again. Ronak Shah
Camera Crew Team is one of the Best in the Business, thorough Professionals, Very Courteous & Polite. They have the latest equipment. Editing is their strength. Apart from Mr.Rajesh, Ashish & Soniya were one call away whenever we needed. It was a great experience working with them. They made our all events look beautiful. As Photography is the main part of any event we did not want to take risk so we took services of CAMERA CREW. Thanks again team Camera Crew. Roshan Makhija
Today is the last day of the fabulous year, 2018! As I sit down and think about the best moments of this year, I couldn’t stop myself from writing this post. My best moment, in fact our family’s best time this year was my sister Nisha’s wedding with Saurabh in US! I have seen Rajesh ji’s Work in the past (yes, I was the happiest bride on my big day almost 5 years ago) as he and his team magically captured my wedding in India. I wanted that same Camera Crew magic for my lovely sister Nisha’s big day! So without any delay I booked Camera Crew and they came from India to US to cover Nisha and Saurabh’s wedding. I’m so happy and satisfied with the teams work. CC is very talented group of people, very humble, polite and extremely genuine people I have met in my life. I LOVE Camera Crew’s work! They have magically captured the Sinha sisters wedding! Thank you for your hard work! Have a great 2019! Nidhi Sinha
    We are based in Mumbai but we love to travel anywhere in India and abroad.
    The packages vary from wedding to wedding. We offer customized tailor-made packages designed to fit your needs and preferences. It also depends on factor like the team size involved, the number of hours we shoot, the location and the time of the year. We prefer to get to know the bride and groom personally to understand their preferences and expectations. To maintain the quality of work we do not take up too many weddings per season. We recommend you to send us as many details as you can for an exact quote via our Booking Enquiry Form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.
    - We love to pack our cameras and take them on an adventure to cover your story. We have shot in various locations across India as well as abroad.
    Our typical crew includes three to four cinematographers (candid style) and two to three photographers (candid and documentary style) along with one Creative Director. The crew works as a team with different cameramen specialising on different equipment, lenses and styles including aerial, slo-mo and underwater filming. We do not recommend a reduction in the size of the crew as this is likely to affect the quality of the film. This well planned and choreographed, multi-camera set-up allows us to position ourselves strategically to capture ceremonies more naturally as they take place, without any hindrance
    In the standard package, we deliver three different wedding films that include the Wedding teaser, the Wedding cinematic film as well a complete traditional wedding film as well as all digital photographs that include both candid and documentary style. All films and photos are delivered in two separate pen-drives. On client request, we also provide raw footage.
    The usual delivery time for pictures is 2-4 weeks and for videos is 10-15 weeks. We try our best to deliver everything as soon as possible but we have a very extensive post production process for both pictures as well as films. Thus we would request you to be patient with us please :)
    We use anything and everything that would help us enhance your films and photos. We have got a long list of all the equipment’s including Hi-end L series lenses, lights, Professional Audio Recorders, various cameras including Ariel cameras, high speed cameras, underwater cameras, stabilizers and a lot of commitment. If you’re interested in discussing this in detail, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to do it.
    During a wedding shoot, the stills and the video teams should have harmony and co-ordination for the benefit of client coverage and to avoid getting into each others frames. We usually cover both together to ensure perfect synchronicity of images and film coverage but in rare cases we have accommodated an odd request to allow a photo team to work alongside for wedding coverage
    Of course! We provide our couples with one copy of a premium coffee table album where in all images are edited (skin blemishes are cleaned and colours are enhanced) and is custom designed by camera crew to suit your requirements. As a thumb-rule, approximately 180 images per album can be incorporated into one album. The standard size we provide is 12 inches by 15 inches in measurement. If you want a separately custom design an album yourself, the cost of the album varies depending on the quality, size, designing and the number of pages. Usually a top quality album is in the range of INR 30,000 to 35,000.
    Our package is usually an all-inclusive package of the photography, filming and editing services as well as the deliverables. There are no other hidden costs. However, according to the standard terms the expenses for the travel, food and accommodation for the crew members are borne by the client. Any additional days / hours of shooting that are not mentioned in contract shall be charged extra.
    The duration depends on the length of the footage we get from you wedding. Approximately, the three versions of films 1) Full traditional wedding Films, that is the entire footage of your wedding ceremony in a film format edited minimally with soft instrumental music. 2) The Wedding cinematic film is a 20-30 minutes’ version of the best moments of your wedding blended with your story as narrated by you and your loved ones. 3) A wedding highlight/trailer is a short 2-3-minute teaser film that you may release on social networking sites for your friends and family to see, reminisce and cherish.
    Yes, we edit all of it. The pictures are selected to layers and stages of sorting and filtration. All the photographs you will receive, have been carefully edited one at a time as we do not bulk process the pictures.
    Absolutely! That is how you found us right? We are creative artists and we like to show the amazing work our team does. We showcase selected photographes from each wedding in the form of a story followed by their wedding teaser. We regularly update our social media pages including Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. Our Instagram and Snapchat is full of live updates.
    Oh absolutely. And they will love their names on the big screen just like acknowledgements in a feature film.
    It’s difficult to determine the total number of images we will be shooting over a typical three-day wedding. The images are shot both in candid and traditional style. Approximately 200-300 images are expected to be shot during each event. All images are given to the client in high resolution JPEG format on a pen-drive and the images are colour and exposure edited.
    A pre-wedding shoot is a photo/video shoot of the couple done before the wedding that portrays the bond they share with each other. Since the wedding is a hectic time to be together, the couple get this day or two off with each other to shoot some "Relaxed, Together & Fun" images and videos in a conceptual manner and this photo/video footage can be used in the highlight film or as a separate two-minute pre-wedding film that can be shown during the sangeet or the wedding. A typical pre-wedding shoot lasts for a day or two. The clothes / styling / makeup for the pre-wedding shoot is usually suggested by us but needs to be taken care by the client.
    Music and songs selection are hand picked collectively by the Director, the client and the Edit team. A client co-ordinator from the studio is assigned to co-ordinate with the client for this under the guidance of the creative visualiser of the project. The film names are usually suggested either by the client or the film director and approved by both.
    Music and songs selection are hand picked collectively by the Director, the client and the Edit team. A client co-ordinator from the studio is assigned to co-ordinate with the client for this under the guidance of the creative visualiser of the project. The film names are usually suggested either by the client or the film director and approved by both.
    We strongly recommend you not to do that. Apart from being uneconomical, it may obstruct and tamper with our work. The advantage of a single team is that we will have harmony and co-ordination as well as get clean, unobstructed visual frames without any interference of other photographers and cinematographers.
    The primary charm of the wedding video is the footage and just so that the events are nicely interlinked, we film interviews with the close family bytes (Bride, Groom, Parents and Siblings / Best-Friends - usually 6-8 frames) so that there is an underlying story that keeps the viewer connected to the film. As the story unfolds, the viewer gets a sense of how the couple met and decided to spend their lives together. For this, we film about 30-45 mins of audio / video bytes with each of the six frames’ people. This is because we can ask the same questions to different people and place the story in a coherent format in the edit room. Too many frames and bytes in this case will create an edit hotch-potch of sorts and we have faced these situations in the past. Also, it will make the film byte-heavy and we dont want that either. Not to mention that in the middle of the wedding celebrations, it would be impossible to film so many bytes without compromising the quality of the events coverage. The highlight film is usually 35-40 mins long and the ideal proportion of the bytes and footage is 30:70.
    Yes!! We offer this service. These are referred to as "Same Day Edits" and they are a great way to showcase some of the best moments of the wedding instantly to everyone present. However, this is an expensive process (extra equipment and setups are required for an extra editor to produce this) and adds to the final cost of the package
    Would strongly recommend you to get in touch with us as soon as possible. We take up weddings on first come first serve basis. Usually, clients get in touch with us 6-8 months before the wedding. Hence, the earlier you get in touch with us, the better the chances that we will be available on your wedding dates.
    We only accept bookings on first come first serve basis. Your booking will only be confirmed once the advance is received and the agreement is signed.
    During and after the contract is signed, your allocated client coordinator will be a single point of contact. While, the creative Director is your singular point of contact on field. Also, from your side, we would love to have a singular point of contact for all wedding shoot co-ordination. The bride’s / groom’s siblings or the best friends are the best people for the job
    For any publishing related query, please write to us on media@cameracrew.in
    If you think you can contribute to our team, please write to us on careers@cameracrew.in and we will get in touch with you.

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